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Welcome to the Deviant Art gallery of Melissa Thomas.

This gallery consists of original art works that were inspired by the sea, the dream realm, or causes she is passionate about. Though open to other materials, Melissa's primary medium is watercolor as she finds the fluidity of the paints to be perfect in capturing undersea life.

Melissa Thomas graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Fine Arts, with an unofficial minor in Women's Studies. Her first direction in college education have been a degree in biology and accumulated much information on vertebrates and invertebrates both macro and micro. Her knowledge of the creatures' biology and physiology aids the representation of them in her works.

"I want to open the eyes of people to the beauty of the natural world, the oceanic environment of whales and dolphins to be more precise; I want to show people that view my works the wonder and beauty found in nature the with hope of provoking them into wanting to protect it. Seeing the animals for themselves is the best way to invoke the need for protection. I create the images of the whales and dolphins onto the paper to bring a glimpse of their world to the many who otherwise would never see them."

There have been talks about prints being available for purchase. The details have not been ironed out yet and as soon as they are information on them will be available.

Be sure to check out the artwork in the "Scraps" section of this site to see more works.

Newer works, along with photography, are under way.

Melissa also has a site on that features her working on her other favorite hobby: harp playing. Visit this… to see her in action.
Here is some news some of my fans have been waiting for. Prints of my work will be available for sale, but not right away. I am cleaning out my gallery here and uploading new scans and photographs of the favorite art pieces to make sure the colors and quality are worthy of being made into prints and hanging in the home. This includes a possible remake of "Rape of the Sea," possibly in color.

Here is where this gets interactive. If there is an image you find on here particularly beautiful and would love it as a print, reply to this message with its title! I have an idea of which images on here will become prints, but without feedback from the public many of which hey may desire could be ignored.

The prints that will be available for purcahse may tame time time and may not come through this site's printing staff. When the final details are ironed out there will be an update here. Thank you for your patience.
I know that some of the viwers to this site are thinking, "Oh my gosh! She watermarked her images! That ruins them so much! Why did you do it, Melissa? Why!?!?!" Alright, so maybe they are not that dramatic about it, but I am sure there have been a few raised brows.

I have never been a big fan of watermakring, as I think it can take away from the image. However, art is downloaded and stolen a lot from the interenet and used in things both private and public without the artist's permission. Therefore, I have chosen to watermark my images to protect them and I apologize to my audience for doing so and hope they understand why it was done.

Images that already have watermarks on them will not be marked for the time being (such as "Reverance" which has the mark at the bottom of the image).  Those images, however, will be rescanned if possible and the other watermark placed upon them as soon as possible.
Be on the look out for new images popping up in the mediums of printmaking and encuastics. I have yet to get some good copies of my prints from intaglio and other classes, but the encauctics will be posted as they are photographed in the studio. Therefore, their qualitiy on this site will be a little lacking and they, of course, look much better in person.
It has been a long time since I have been here, I know, but I come with good news. I have a lot of new art to post on here when the term is over and I have all the images for them on my digital camera or scanned into the computer. I will post them as soon as I can. Thank you to all who still look at my art and have come back to see what is new. I know I am in need of the update! Hold on, it comming soon. :)
It can be hard to create when life gets in the way. For some it is a time of great expression and fantasic works from out in the process, for others it is a time to focus on what is at hand and deal with that. I was of the ladder.

However, now that I am back in action with works, I will be posting new ones on the site and removing some of the older ones that are less popular or just getting too old for a current gathering of my best works. Granted, there are some older images that will remain on here, simply because I like them and wish to share them, but expect changes and new images soon.
All my drawings that are based on the game World of Warcraft have been moved into scraps to keep them all in one location to make it easier for friends and fans to view them. More to be comming soon.
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I dislike myself greatly when I become neglectful of things that I really enjoy; playingmy harps, painting, writing and what not. Unfortunately you can really loose a sense of self when you are in college. Perhaps not to the point where you don't know who you are completely, but with all the work that has to be done there is little time to do the things that you enjoy the most.

I have been saying for a while that I would update this page, put more whales on it, find my old paintings so I could rescan them and get rid of the watermarks. Well, I have not been able to find all the paintings and drawings on here in hard copy to get rid of the watermarks, and I still apologize for that and will continue to look when I return home for the summer. I have, however, been working on some marine mammal paintings that I will be putting up here shortly. Infact, two of them are drying right now while I am working on this entry.

I have gone through my gallery and deleted some of my works. Most of them were the least popular of my drawings and ones that made little or no statement. That "Changing Druid" one is next on my list, but I have decided to leave it here because my WoW friends, like Polixeni, do enjoy it and tell me so during gameplay. I did take down a few of my weaker harp photos, some of my equines, and anime. I dont think I ever will, but I would love to turn this into a completly watercolor gallery. I have plans to paint some of my photos up here, such as the lorikeets and tide pools, then remove the photos, but as of yet I still dont have the time.

Some other changes that have happened were I officially closed down my Elfwood gallery. I can't believe it took me so long to do so. No one had commented on anything there in nearly a year and the restictions to have only fantasy related materials was a drag. What is fantasy anyways? In my eyes, it is not always a unicorn leaping through a field of flowers or a dragon hording a massive amount of gold. Fantasy is to me a place you can escape to that fills you with wonder, joy, and maybe the sublime. That place for me was full of marine mammals, but this explination did not fly with the judges of the other gallery and a lot of my work was excluded. Their loss, I suppose.

Anyways, I again apologize for the lack of commitment to this wonderful place during my schooling, but I am now back to add more pictures, take down old ones, and get more feedback from the wonderful viewing public so I may better myself and my art.

Blessed Be
As I have gone through my gallery and removed and added some images, I looked around and noticed I do not have as many marine mammals here as I would like. Sure I have lots of Fantasy-realated images, mostly because I just came from a gallery where that was the requirement.

I have also noticed I take WAY to many pictures of my harp, no matter how lovely she and the images that she is in are, I should stop and focus on my marine mammals and get some more up here :)

I will try to get some new ones swimming in my gallery soon.